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Adidas is making a recyclable shoe

  • 09 June, 2019

Adidas is trying to achieve its sustainability goals with a recyclable running shoe. It took the company nearly 10 years to figure out how to build a shoe that can be recycled and turned into another shoe, Adidas said in a statement last week. The new shoe, called Futurecraft.Loop, is made out of a single material, called thermoplastic polyurethane, which can be reused. Read More [+]

Center for Climate Change - Gevgelija organized a one-day event on the occasion of the "World Environment Day"

  • 06 June, 2019

On the occasion of the “World Environment Day”, Center for Climate Change – Gevgelija organized a one-day event in the Municipality of Gevgelija. Within the event, a parade for clean air was organized in which 50 children from JUDG “Detska Radost” took part. The parade was held in the center of Gevgelija, where the youngest paraded with messages for clean environment, performed a musical act and recited songs with ecological messages. Read More [+]

Celebrating the World Environment Day!

  • 30 May, 2019

The World Environment Day is the biggest annual event for positive environmental action and is held every 5th of June. The celebration of this day gives us the opportunity to broaden the foundations for responsible behavior of individuals, enterprises and the community in the preservation and improvement of the environment. Read More [+]

EU bans single-use plastic

  • 27 May, 2019

(ANSA) - Brussels, May 21 - The European Council on Tuesday banned single-use plastic like plates, cutlery and drinking straws starting in 2021. Sticks for balloons and cotton buds will also be banned, according to the directive formally adopted today. Read More [+]

International Day for Biological Diversity 22 May

  • 22 May, 2019

(Nowadays, we have access to a greater variety of food than your parents or your grandparents once did. But even as the offerings become more diverse, the global diet as Read More [+]

Regular use of the equipment for proper collection and selection of waste

  • 30 April, 2019

Whole year-round, after the delivery of the specialized equipment for proper waste collection and disposal, school teachers and students from Primary school “Bratya Miladinovi”, Konarsko village, use the battery tubes for gathering of batteries and frequently clean up the school area, especially on occasions such as for instance „The Spring Day“, „The Earth Day“ or „The Environment Day“. Read More [+]

Celebrated Earth Day (April 22)

  • 23 April, 2019

"Hristo Botev" Primary School – Blagoevgrad has celebrated the The Earth Day (22 April) with presentation with topic about the preservation of a clean Planet, an interesting and entertaining quiz and exhibition on the topic. The crucial aim was to educate the children to save and feel responsible for the current and future condition of Nature. Read More [+]

Selection of waste – why is it necessary to select these types of waste?

  • 03 April, 2019

The poor e-waste management means that communities and the environment will continue to pay the price of the toxic and inefficient design by electronics producers. For example, a large share ends up in the landfills where hazardous substances may leach, mercury may evaporate, and fires can set off, all of which leads to atmospheric pollution and generation of toxic dust residues. Read More [+]

Representatives of the two partner organizations SPEE-BG and CCC-Gevgelija conducted a work meeting, held in Skopje – Republic of North Macedonia

  • 30 January, 2019

Following the successful termination of project “Cross-border Partnership for Environmental Protection and Better Quality of Life (WasteEDU)” under the First call for proposals under the INTERREG-IPA “Bulgaria – the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Read More [+]

CCC and SPEE - BG jointly prepare a project proposal for the second call of the INTERREG-IPA Programme "Bulgaria-Macedonia"

  • 30 May, 2018

From February to May 2018, the members of the Alliance of the Producers of Ecological Energy-BG and Center for Climate Change – Gevgelija worked in close cooperation on the development of project entitled “Joint mechanism for risk prevention and disaster management from agricultural activities in the cross-border region”/AgriWaste/. Read More [+]

A Green School for Waste Management was held in Dobrinishte

  • October 31, 2017

From 27th to 29th October 2017, in Dobrinishte – Bulgaria, a Green School and Camp for waste management entitled “We esteem life” and workshop “WasteCreations” were conducted. The Green camp was intended to involve students from the primary education of the cross-border region of Bulgaria and Macedonia, at the age of 10 up to 15 years old. Read More [+]

A three-day green camp in Bulgaria, 27-29 October 2017

  • 25 October, 2017

From 27th to 29th October 2017, in Dobrinishte – Bulgaria, a Green School and Camp for waste management entitled “We esteem life” shall be conducted. The Green camp is aimed at students from the primary education of the cross-border region of Bulgaria and Macedonia, at the age of 10 up to 15 years old.Read More [+]

June 5th, World Environmental Day

  • 5 June, 2017

On June the 5th, we celebrate World Environment Day - a UN initiative that has become a global platform for public dialogue and cooperation among over 143 countries around the world on issues related to environmental protection, global warming, sustainable consumption of the population, crime against wildlife, etc. ... Read More [+]

Waste Management Forum - deficiencies at education of the young generations was conducted

  • May 15, 2017

12 and 13 of May 2017 in Strumica, Macedonia, Center for Climate Change – Gevgelija organized two days forum named as Waste Management at the cross border region – deficiencies at the education of young generations. We are inviting all stakeholders working in the filed of education ...Read more [+]

CCC is organizing educational forum for waste management at the cross border region

  • May 10, 2017

Center for Climate Change Gevgelija on 12th and 13th of May is organizing Forum: Waste Management in the Crossborder region – deficiencies in the education at the young generations ... Read more [+]

Center for Climate Change Gevgelija is starting the informational campaign for promoting the project “Cross border partnership for environmental protection and better life quality”

  • April 11, 2017

The main objective of the project is to intensify and promote cross-border cooperation between people and institutions to jointly address the environmental problems associated with waste management and pollution prevention in the border region through enabling better quality of life in the region...Read more [+]

Cross-border Partnership for Environmental Protection and Better Quality of Life (Waste EDU)

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