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Lead Partner

Alliance of the producers of ecological energy – BG

“Alliance of the producers of ecological energy – BG” is registered as an association with non-economic task for accomplishing social activities. "SPEE – BG" popularizes activities in the sphere of the renewable and alternative energy sources, such as: - coordinates; - offers and helps with realizing initiatives; - helps with the creating and financing projects; - carries out activities like: - exchange of technical and logistic information, - preparation of objective analyses and forecasts, scientific developments, - monitoring in the sphere of RES and AES. It is active in preserving the environment and increasing the economic effectiveness of the production.

Project Partner

Center for Climate Change

Center for Climate Change is a non-profit, independent organization, which operates since 2008. The activities of the Centre are aimed at environmental protection, mitigation of climate change, sustainable energy and proper waste management. Since 2009 the Center for Climate Change is a local partner of the Norwegian company Norsk Energi, which together implement its project activities in Macedonia.

Cross-border Partnership for Environmental Protection and Better Quality of Life (Waste EDU)

The web-site is co-funded by EU trough the INTERREG - IPA Cross-border Programme CCI 2014TC16I5CB006 Bulgaria- Macedonia. This web site has been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this web site are the sole responsibility of the Center for Climate Change- Gevgelija and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union, the participating countries and the Managing Authority.