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About the project

To increase both the level of awareness and knowledge of the project target groups and stakeholders for environment protection by promoting actions related to waste management, reducing and recycling waste.


To establish an integrated approach in support ofenvironmental education and community driven actions for removal of illegal dump sites and pollution prevention
To improve the awareness and raise the interest on topics such as environmental protection, waste prevention and recycling
To address common issues and deficiencies related to waste management education and awareness about waste selection and recycling in educational institutions in the cross-border region of BG and MK;
To foster the active participation of young people on issues related to environmental protection


Implementation of an educational and promotional campaign among educational institutions in the CB area of Bulgaria and Macedonia;
Elaboration of equipment for separate waste disposal and collection in educational institutions of the CB area in Bulgaria and Macedonia;
Development of joint training programme for informal learning “WasteEDU”
Organization ofJoint Green School and Camps "WasteEDU” in Bulgaria and Macedonia;
Development of WASTE@EDUweb-portal;
Development of asoftware for mapping of illegal landfills and other polluted areas;
Development of an EduBook “Lifecycle of waste” – specially designed for students“
Organization of Discussion Forum on “Waste management in the CB area-deficiencies in the education of the young generations” in Macedonia;
Organization of Final Conference in Bulgaria “Cross-border exchange of experience in the field of waste management”.


Implemented wide information and promotional campaign among educational institutions on the territory of the cross-border region in BG and MK;
Increased interest of young people towards the issues related to waste reducing, recycling and prevention;
Improved awareness and knowledge of younger generations on the topics concerning environmental protection, waste prevention and recycling;
Fostered direct involvement and participation of young people in environmental protection campaigns;
Fostered experience and best practices exchange between various stakeholders related to environmental education of the cross-border area in BG and MK.


School students from primary schools aged 6 – 15 years (1st to 8th grade in BG and 1st to 9th grade in MK);
Primary schools in the CBC region;
NGOs, branch associations and other organizations supporting environmental and youth activities;
SMEs working in the field of waste management (separate waste collection, recycling etc.);
Regional and local authrities.

Plamen Todorov

>> Project Manager

Mr. Todorov’s professional experience started in 2001. In 2006 he started his work in BICC-Sandanski, where he specialized in the field of business and investment project management and development. Mr. Todorov has developed and participated in projects focused on economic development, innovations, renewable energy sources. He has more than 11 years of experience in project management and coordination under various programmes such as: Erasmus+, Bulgarian OPS, PHARE CBC Programme, Leonardo Lifelong Learning Programme, IPA Cross-border Programme, Competitiveness and Innovations Framework Programme, USAID Development Programme, European territorial cooperation Programmes of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), SMEs Competitiveness Grant Scheme; etc. As a Project Manager of “WasteEDU” project, Plamen is responsible for the successful delivering of the project. He directs, manages and motivates the project team, and is ensuring the day-to-day planning and monitoring of the project. He develops and maintains the agreed project implementation and detailed stages plans. As a Project Manager, Plamen is also responsible to build and sustain effective communications with other members of the project, as well with different institutions, organization and stakeholders, related to the project.

Rumyana Popova

>> Technical and Financial Coordinator

Rumyana Popova is a Technical and Financial Coordinator of project “WasteEDU” in the Alliance of the Producers of Ecological Energy-BG”. Rumyana is MA in European Studies and a PhD Candidate in Political Science. She has 5 years of professional experience in working on different project in the field of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, environmental protection and cross-border cooperation. In the period of 2012 to2017, Rumyana has been working for the promotion of the renewable and alternative energy sources, and waste management practices. She has specialized in the organization and realization of effective interaction and cooperation between companies operating in the field of renewable energy sources, educational and non-governmental organizations and institutions, regional and national authorities and other stakeholders, for the complete and beneficial use of RES, environmental protection and achieving sustainable social and economic development in the Blagoevgrad region. As a Technical and Financial Coordinator from SPEE-BG, Rumyana manages and coordinates the implementation of the project activities in the cross-border area in Bulgaria. She is responsible for the performance of the project implementation time-schedule and supervises the execution of the signed contracts and the fulfillment of the assigned tasks. She is also responsible the organization and safe-keeping of all documentation and information, related to the project, participates in the organization of project events and assures and coordinates the media coverage of the project activities. Rumyana as well participates in the preparation of progress reports and final project implementation report.

Filip Stojanovski

>>Technical and Financial Coordinator

Filip Stojanovski is engaged at CCC on the project WasteEDU as technical and financial coordinator. He holds bachelor degree at Mechanical Engineering and has broad experience at energy efficiency, renewable energy resources, waste management and environmental protection. He has more than 5 years experience at civil society sector working as project manager, coordinator and project developer. In his professional experience he was participating many times at developing scientific studies, researches, analysis on different environmental and energy topics. His experience is very valuable for sound implementation of the WasteEDU project.

Bojana Stanojevska Pecurovska

>> Project Assistant

Bojana Stanojevska Pecurovska is working as project assistant of the project WasteEDU, in the Center for Climate Change-Gevgelija. Her professional carrier has started almost 10 years ago working at NGO sector on the project about waste management. Since then her professional experience is developing in the field of environment protection and management. She has vast experience at project management, project implementation, dealing with environmental issues and providing expertise at different environmental fields. The work at Center for Climate Change has started at 2008 and is encompassing management and implementation of the projects related to energy efficiency in industry, climate change mitigation, waste management at industry, waste management of different waste streams as well as raising public awareness about environmental protection. She holds a BSc degree at political science and is running postgraduate studies at communication. Apart of this at 2010, she has successfully completed course on energy, environment and climate change at University of Oslo and course on carbon capture and storage at Tsinghua University, Beijing China at 2012. She is certified EIA, SEA expert and has certificate for Waste Manager issued by Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning of Republic of Macedonia.

The project is implemented on the territory of Republic Bulgaria – Blagorvgrad Region and Republic of Macedonia - Southeast Planning region.

Project duration: 15 months (18.10.2016 – 18.01.2018)

Cross-border Partnership for Environmental Protection and Better Quality of Life (Waste EDU)

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