Development of EduBook “Lifecycle of waste” – specially designed for students

  • September 2017

In order to improve knowledge and raise the awareness of young people on reducing, recycling and managing waste the LP SPEE – BG by utilizing external expertise will develop the contents, design and print a student-friendly EduBook “Lifecycle of waste”. Based on the overall concept of project partners the EduBook will be developed in cooperation between both partners and will seek to develop a promotional info and guidance book on the various waste types and the means for reducing and preventing the generation of waste.

The EduBook will be suitable for children/students aged up to 16 years by including mostly pictures and thematic content – infographics, charts, pictures, etc. The ambitious goal of both partners is to develop an EduBook that will provide easy to read and comprehend information in the form of text, pictures, drawings and infographics that will teach students on the importance of reducing and recycling waste. The detailed concept and contents of the EduBook will be developed by an external consultant who will be employed by the LP. The EduBook will also feature information on the software for mapping of illegal waste depositories and the web-portal provided in an interesting form. The EduBook will be disseminated in both Bulgaria and Macedonia by both project partners.

Expected to be published September 2017