Joint Green School and Camps "WasteEDU” in Bulgaria and Macedonia

  • September and October 2017

Main aim of this activity is providing direct involvement of the pupils from primary schools in the cross border area in MK and BG. Direct involvement encompass organizing thematic workshops /seminars, including practical games and contests which will increase awareness of the pupils and knowledge about good waste management and economic benefits from proper waste selection. The seminars and practical activities are going to be organized within the so called Joint Green School and Camp (JGS&C), which is going to be organized once in both countries.

Aim of the JGS&C is learning about different aspects of environmental protection, type of waste, waste management and other opportunities through practical activities where different waste streams are going to be used. In Bulgaria the Green School and Camp will be organized under the subject “Environment, energy, waste - games and activities in nature” (indicative title), where 15 pupils from Mk and 15 from BG will participate. In Macedonia the event will be organized under the subject “Seminar for creating products from waste - waste creations - games and activities in nature” (indicative title). Both events will be with duration of 3 days, organized in some hotel nearby a mountain or in nature.

Indicative period for completion of these events are September and October 2017