Final Conference in Bulgaria “Cross-border exchange of experience in the field of waste management”

  • December 2017- January 2018

The project implementation will be concluded with the organization of a Final Conference in Bulgaria titled “Cross-border exchange of experience in the field of waste management” where various stakeholders, representatives of the target groups and main participants in the project will showcase best practices, projects and initiatives in the field of waste management and pollution prevention from Bulgaria and Macedonia. During the conference the project team and) will present main project outcomes and achievements and will promote the developed tools and products aimed at raising the awareness of young people of both countries on environmental protection (reduction and recycling of waste).

The Final Conference will also try to involve and attract the attention of main local and regional stakeholders (local and regional authorities related to environment) on how by cooperating and utilizing the tools developed under the project can implement new measures related to environmental protection with the active participation of local communities and especially young people. The Final Conference will be attended by 40 participants (25 participants from BG and 15 guest participants from MK).

The event is planned to be conducted at the end of project implementation (December 2017- January 2018)