Software for mapping of illegal landfills and other polluted areas and its integration to the web-portalgenerations)

In order to increase the interest of young people towards the issues related to waste reducing, recycling and prevention, as well as to actually involve them in the process of environmental protection, project partners developed a concept for a software solution for mobile phone which will allow users to photograph, map and send the location of illegal dumpsites, landfills and other polluted areas in the CB region.

The concept for the software is not completely innovative as it was implemented already by the initiative of a Bulgarian private TV media but it will be innovative for the CB area and organizations and educational institutions located in it since it will provide a free of charge, easily accessible and user-friendly application for Android OS devices for actually involving young people in environment protection activities. The concept of the software will be to allow each student/user to become an environmental journalist by using his/her smart phone to photograph, map and display existing illegal dumpsites, landfills and other types of pollution.

After being photographed and mapped the information on the identified landfill or illegal waste disposal location will be send by the software (via 3G or through Wi-Fi) and visualized on a common map of the CB region available on the project web-portal containing all potential illegal dumpsites, landfills and other types of pollution that are identified / mapped / photographed by the users of the software.