June 5th, World Environmental Day

June 5, 2017

On June the 5th, we celebrate World Environment Day - a UN initiative that has become a global platform for public dialogue and cooperation among over 143 countries around the world on issues related to environmental protection, global warming, sustainable consumption of the population, crime against wildlife, etc.

The environmental day is the largest annual event promoting and supporting environmental initiatives. It was first proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972, and since then, UN member states and organizations have been organizing and conducting various events supporting the drive to preserve and improve the state of the environment.

Every year a symbolic theme is defined, with some of the highlights over the years, such as the green economy, ice melting, global warming, green cities, seas and oceans, climate change and global partnership on these issues. The focus of World Environment Day this year is to "connect people with nature" and seeks to focus attention and encourage exodus in nature, appreciate its beauty and value and together to make efforts to protect our planet Earth.

This year's host of the initiative is Canada, which will be the focus of celebrations and events around the world.